Friday, November 16, 2012

Flip Chart Observation File Folder

A great way to record students’ behavior, absences, tardies, bathroom passes, preparedness, etc. is to create a flip chart using a file folder and index cards (enough for one per student plus a few extras).

I use colored folders to coordinate with my class color (yellow- Math for College Readiness, purple- Geometry and green- Precalc) and 3”x5” index cards.

Place the open file folder on a flat surface and start at the bottom on the left, leaving about a half inch.  Turn the index card upside down so that the pink line is at the bottom and place a small piece of tape at the top.  Line your next card up on the pink line of the first and tape it down (don’t use glue).  Continue until you have half the number you need or you reach the top.  Then, do the same on the right side of the file folder.

Write students’ names at the bottom of each index card.

I keep my folders in a file folder pocket chart clipped to the side of my podium for easy access.  Some years I will change the cards each nine weeks and others I will change them at the end of each semester.  I simply take an X-Acto knife and cut the tape to remove them.  Then, I file them away until the end of the year.

Flip Chart Observation File Folder