Wednesday, February 20, 2013

High School Geometry Reorganization

Recently, our school has been contemplating a change from 7 50-minute periods (semesters) to 5 72-minute periods (trimesters).  I have tried with a previous administrator to get the scheduled changed so that we have more time in each class, especially since Geometry has an end-of-course exam.  Our current schedule really doesn't allow us to get into the subject as deeply as I would like, so that my students leave feeling accomplished.  It seems that we have just gotten started in class when the bell rings.

In light of this contemplation, I went in search of pacing guides to revamp and chunk units for ease of understanding.  I am extremely excited with my new plan.  The units have been chunked and divided in half based on the number of days in each unit.  This sequence will work even if we don't end of changing our schedule.

Below is a picture of my hanging file folders.  I am currently going through all my previously used assignments and all the new ones I have downloaded from Pinterest and my favorite math blogs and putting them in the appropriate folder.  Once that step is done (NEVER!!!  always downloading new cool stuff!), I will go through each folder and decide what I want to use, what I can toss and what I can redo to fit my students' abilities.

Here's what is written on the tabs...  Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reviewing Radicals Worksheet

I have spent the last 5 hours "playing" on Pinterest, looking for classroom ideas.  Since, I've been on that long, you know I've found a lot of cool ideas!

I just created a cut and paste worksheet for reviewing radicals, based on an activity from  This would be a great activity to use when you have time left over or as an Interactive Notebook Activity.

Here is a picture and the link to download your own copy.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Data Wall Redo

This week I have updated my Data Wall appearance as well as posted 3rd interim grades on a bar graph by class.  I laminated 2 colored pieces of paper together according to my class color-coding.  Since they were laminated, I hot-glued them to my concrete wall, added clothespins, numbers for the periods and a catchy title, made in MS Word.

Here are pictures of the title and the colored sheets ready for data...


This was my second try at the title and I'm not sure I love I'll keep it till I know what I want.  Then, I'll change it!

Monday, February 4, 2013

My New "No Homework Binder"

As I was perusing Pinterest (for hours), like I do every weekend, I came across a blog that had a great idea for those students that don't do their homework.

I took the idea and worked it through my head for a little while, then decided that I could make it work. I used the basic design of the sheet, but made mine into half sheets to put in one of my many small binders.  To make them easier to fill out, I will hole punch them at the top.

The "No HW Binder" will have 6 dividers, one for each of my classes, and a sheet for each student in the class.  I'm thinking I may color-code the sheets.  When a student doesn't have their HW done, they will have to fill out the binder sheet.  I plan on using these to show parents at Open House (our parent/teacher conferences at the midterm).

I'm not sure how to guarantee they have filled it in, if I don't double-check them.  I have so many students that don't bother to do homework, even knowing I'm going to check it!!  They will see all their missing assignments every time they miss another one.  I hope this helps!

Click here for my half-sheet version.  Or you can click the link below to see my inspiration!

Credit: Teach-Bake-Love