Monday, February 4, 2013

My New "No Homework Binder"

As I was perusing Pinterest (for hours), like I do every weekend, I came across a blog that had a great idea for those students that don't do their homework.

I took the idea and worked it through my head for a little while, then decided that I could make it work. I used the basic design of the sheet, but made mine into half sheets to put in one of my many small binders.  To make them easier to fill out, I will hole punch them at the top.

The "No HW Binder" will have 6 dividers, one for each of my classes, and a sheet for each student in the class.  I'm thinking I may color-code the sheets.  When a student doesn't have their HW done, they will have to fill out the binder sheet.  I plan on using these to show parents at Open House (our parent/teacher conferences at the midterm).

I'm not sure how to guarantee they have filled it in, if I don't double-check them.  I have so many students that don't bother to do homework, even knowing I'm going to check it!!  They will see all their missing assignments every time they miss another one.  I hope this helps!

Click here for my half-sheet version.  Or you can click the link below to see my inspiration!

Credit: Teach-Bake-Love


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