Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Make-Up Work Pocket Chart

Since I have started using the interactive notebook again, I remember why I stopped earlier this year!  It is so hard getting notes done and glued into the notebook during our 50-minute period, not to mention getting/keeping all the absent students up-to-date.

So today, I rearranged how I organize make-up work.  At the beginning of the year (and in past years), I put handouts in a color-coded folder in a metal rack on the side of my shelves (see below).  This year, students don't ask what they missed when absent and totally disregard the make-up work container.  (I feel this is due to a lack of motivation that our entire school has fallen victim to.)  I decided to put in right in front of them, so there is no excuse.

Instead of putting handouts in the folder that's not in clear view or keeping them on my table (flaring up my OCD), I would put them right by the door, in a pocket chart I bought at the beginning of the year and haven't used yet.

The blue/green/yellow chart below has 9 handout-sized pockets and a 3" tall clear pocket in front of each of those.  The handouts go in the large pockets and the date number of the assignment goes in the clear pocket.  I will keep adding handouts till the pockets are full.  On the 8th, I will replace the 28 with an 8 and discard extra handouts, etc.

I will be moving my apple pocket chart (make-up tests), but I'm not sure what I will be using it for...yet.  When I give a test, I will write names of all absent students on an index card and place it in the clear pocket with the date number.

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