Tuesday, May 5, 2015


As the year draws to a close and EOC tests are done, my Algebra 2 classes will be conquering matrices and its role in cryptography.  Matrices were not tested on their EOC, so it was saved till now.

In anticipation for starting matrices tomorrow, I began last year revamping my old lessons.  I pulled out examination textbooks I have collected over the years to find multiple step word problems and hit the internet for areas that use matrices.  The first document was 4-part notes.  After each part, a discussion would be held and a formative assessment sheet would be given.  Here is the lesson plan I shared with a friend that also teaches Algebra 2 at my school:

Lesson Plan for Matrices Unit
Matrices Inquiry worksheet are the “notes”.
Day 1: Part 1 Matrices Inquiry, CW/HW Data in Matrices Sheet
Day 2: Part 2 Matrices Inquiry, CW/HW Matrix Add, Subtract & Scalar Mult. Sheet
            HW: watch video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuixY2bCc_0)
Day 3: Part 3 Matrices Inquiry, CW/HW Matrix Multiplication (pgs. 1-2)
Day 4: CW Matrix Multiplication Sheet (pgs. 3-4)

The 12-page zip file can be found at my TPT store.
Matrices Inquiry Notes - 4 pages
Data in Matrices - 2 pages
Add/Subtract/Scalar Multiplication - 2 pages
Matrix Multiplication - 4 pages

Below is a preview of Part 2 of the Matrices Inquiry Notes:

I will be continuing to add to this lesson to include determinants and inverses of a 2x2 matrix, to get to the fun cryptography part.

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