Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Google Digital Interactive Geometry Files

Just before the end of school, I started thinking about this coming year as I do every year.  I get most of my inspiration from Pinterest and several blogs I read.  I happened to come across a TpT file by Jennifer Kimbrell @TechwithJen.  (You can buy that file here.)  She explains in the video in her file how to create interactive notebook files to be used in Google Slides.  I was hooked!!  I started searching for more files, only to find that there aren't many Geometry files out there, yet!  I came across and purchased another file on TpT by Danielle Knight @StudyAllKnight.  (That file can be purchased here.)

I, then, set about to convert some of my interactive (paper) notebook files into digital interactive files!
So far I have converted my Classifying Triangles and Triangle Congruences Sorting Activities.  I've also created 10 bellwork templates each with a different background for variety.  The file I'm the proudest of is the 13 units of interactive vocabulary.  In the downloadable preview, I give the list of vocab words by unit.  Every single vocab term has a text box where students can type the definition and some other interactivity, including circling items in a diagram, moving arrows to point to parts of a diagram, drag and drops and fill-in-the-blanks.

Click on the photos below to go to the TpT link to purchase.

Classifying Triangles Activity

Triangle Congruences Sorting Activity

Bellwork Templates


Advantages of the Google Digital Version

  • saves money for teachers and parents because there's no need for a spiral notebook, tape, glue, lots of colored paper or scissors.
  • saves time during class that students waste cutting and gluing.
  • there will not be any lost pieces all over the floor.
  • are more colorful.
  • uses technology.
  • students have access anywhere they have internet, even on their phones.
  • students won't lose the files because they are kept on their Google Drive rather than at the bottom of a backpack.
  • students can do and redo these activities because they aren't glued down after the first attempt, making it a learning activity AND a review activity.
  • easier for students to read their work because it doesn't involve their handwriting.
  • they are more fun!

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