Wednesday, August 5, 2015

#MTBoSBlaugust... Start, Stop and Continue

-journal writing once or twice a week (answer essential questions in section of interactive notebook and write weekly reflections on a form on my website)
-adding bell work and journal sections to the interactive notebook, joining activities and vocabulary sections already implemented.
-planning with two other Geometry teachers at my school (admin has carved out time for us to meet every other week, all week if we choose!)
-taking a leadership role at my school
-using more inquiry and group activities, less bookwork

-lecturing as a whole group 
-having students write all notes (give guided notes and facilitate discussions instead)
-answering questions that other students would benefit from answering.

-using the interactive notebooks
-using standards based grading for quizzes (but get better and more consistent with retakes and documentation of practice prior to retakes)
-stalking blogs and Pinterest for new ideas!

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