Friday, July 22, 2016

Decorating My Classroom (Part 2.5)

After I cut out the Word Wall title and unit numbers this morning, I headed back to school.  I absolutely LOVE the way the title looks with the pocket chart.

I centered my calendar with Command hooks and it looks better.  I also used a black marker to color the bright white hooks.  

I relocated my computer and printer to my podium.  I think it's gonna work better because I always stand up to use it with my Promethean board and my printer is out of sight too.  My document camera is now on a regular student desk.  I need to neaten up the cords and redecorate the front of it.  I think I'm gonna leave the COTTON sign (my maiden name), but the flowers are a little crumpled from being shoved into the storage room.

I still need to finish spray painting my mismatched file cabinets, but I'm contemplating relocating them in the storage room.  It would either look cleaner or more bare.  I won't be able to move my computer any further back because the cord coming from the board is tight now.  Maybe when I neaten up the cords, I can find some slack.

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