Monday, July 11, 2016

Sorting Triangles Pre-Assessment

I have used the basics of this activity as an individual activity as well as a pair activity.  In the individual activity, each student received a copy of the sorting template and the 7 different types of triangles.  The sorting template was a half sheet that would be glued into their interactive notebooks.  They had to write in the two categories in which they would sort the 7 words and glue those onto the sorting template.  I would check their work before gluing it down, but some students glued first.

The pair activity was more successful with my students.  I only had to print and cut out 15-20 sets.  If they were laminated, they would last longer.  If not, students frequently wrote what they thought to be the correct answer on them.  Being a class set, this required me to reprint and recut to replace messed up sets or ones with lost pieces.

As I began planning for the upcoming school year, I found Google Classroom and digital interactive notebooks.  I knew this was for me because I love introducing my students to new useful technologies and it would save large amounts of money used in buying the paper, glue, tape, etc.

Students would work in pairs and decide which two categories into which these 7 words can be separated.  Each student would be responsible for completing their own activity even though they are working together.  Students will drag and drop each of the 7 words into the correct category.  Once that is done as a pair, students are to write their own reflection, explaining their reasoning.

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