Saturday, January 11, 2014

Miscellaneous Posters

While I am pondering my next blog post, I decide to show/offer some of the posters I have created over the years for my classroom.  As I come across/make more, I will post them too!

All About Relationships 

Angle (Anatomy)

Reduce Test Anxiety

Classroom Expectations

Lack of Planning

Log Form to Exponent Form 

Math Analogy

Olay CC Cream

CC Cream is made from swirling AA Cream and BB Cream together.  This is one of my originals!  I started laughing when I saw the commercial, then hit rewind and starting sketching my idea!


Rationalizing the Denominator

Studying for Math Test (2 pages)
I have found that many students want to blame "test anxiety" for their poor grades, when in actuality it's the lack of proper preparation and studying.

Using a Formula
I use this one very often in all my classes.  Students tend to either not write the formula or they will try to combine steps 2 and 3, often making mistakes as a result.  Step 3 has a + because it may take more than one step to completely simplify a problem (order of operations).

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