Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Triangles Unit: Interior Angle Sum and Exterior Angle (Remote Interior Angles)

Last week, we returned to school after Christmas break.  Monday was a teacher workday, so I worked all day on grades and lesson plans for the week.  In googling ideas for activities, I came across this site.  There I found an inquiry style worksheet to help students discover the sum of the interior angles in a triangle.  The file I found was actually a key, so I created my own based on that and tweaked it to fit my interactive notebooks (INBs).

On Tuesday, I gave my students the worksheet and a half sheet of (their choice of) colored paper and a few minutes to work on the activity.  We had a discussion about what they found, then they glued it into their INBs.  They seemed to like it so much (or maybe that's just how I perceived it!), that I made another one for discovering the relationship between the two remote interior angles and the exterior angle for Wednesday.

Triangle Angle Sums Inquiry Wkst

This is what it looks like in the INB. 

This is what it looks like in the INB.

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